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Every two weeks we discuss all aspects of technology and life in International Schools. Brought to you by AppsEvents and Acer Education.

Living in China and running ‘Inspire Citizens’ with Aaron Moniz and Steve Sostak

September 6, 2019

We first met Aaron and Steve earlier in 2019 in Taiwan where they attended an AppsEvents Google Summit. They were both teachers in Beijing, China and recently left to form their own company called ‘Inspire Citizens’ which focuses on ‘Global Citizenship’. Their organization helps schools build a culture of global competence, service learning, and relevant problem-based learning, built upon local and global community engagement. They incorporate a lot of design thinking principles which is a huge interest of ours at AppsEvents.

Aaron and Steve are both interesting and thoughtful guys and it’s a great story of ‘teacher entrepreneurs’ and please let me know if this is interesting to you as I would like to record more interviews on this topic.

We also talk a lot about what it’s actually like to live and teach in China and the realities of daily life there for anybody considering a move to one of the ever-increasing numbers of International Schools.

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