‘Chromebook Success for International Schools’. A round table discussion with James Sayer, Ben Rouse and Dan Taylor

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In this introductory discussion about Chromebooks, we talk about everything to do with implementing Chromebooks in International Schools. Between the three of us, we have been lucky enough to have been involved in multiple Chromebook projects and had a lot of opportunities to see what best practices have worked time after time.


  1. Where do you need to be before looking at Chromebooks:
  2. Already using G Suite?
  3. Using Google Classroom?
  4. Using Nothing? - use Chromebooks as a start/cheap web-ready devices?
  5. Getting leadership buy in
  6. Getting tech team on board

Types of implementation

  1. Pilot projects
  2. 1 to 1
  3. BYOD
  4. Chromebook carts

Key factors for success

  1. Combining with Chrome use on existing PC’s (e.g. computer labs, support staff, SLT)
  2. Types of devices


  1. We have a thing or two to say about this ;)
  2. Initial training: Admins and key users
  3. Coordinating the training of new staff each academic year
  4. Cyber Cafe model (h/t to John Mikton)
  5. Encouraging staff to become Certified. Build a Google community
  6. Building a multi-year training plan


This podcast is sponsored by ‘AppsEvents. We’re a Google Education Partner and active since the launch of ‘Google Apps for Education’ in 2006. We’re a team of former educators, and experts in helping schools integrate Google into their schools and classrooms. We customize all our training for each school to make sure we have a lasting impact.

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This podcast is also brought to you by Acer for Education. People ask us what Chromebooks we recommend for schools and after trying them all we always recommend Acer.

We’ve been to Acer HQ in Taiwan to be part of product discussions and they are genuinely the best thought out, and most importantly durable devices out there.

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