A conversation with Ashley Sawyer and Kelley McKenna, International Educators at Saigon South International School

In this conversation with Ashley and Kelley, we explore transitions. They will share the learnings from their respective experiences transitioning and moving from a European International School to a South East Asian international school. Hear about the challenges and opportunities, and how doing this during COVID brought about new understanding of transitions. They will discuss some strategies and dispositions for educators to gain from their experience


About Ashley Sawyer


My name is Ashley Sawyer and this is my first year at Saigon South International School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am an Elementary Classroom Teacher and previously taught at the International School of Luxembourg for five years. Luxembourg introduced me to my interest in middle level leadership where I served as a Grade Level Leader and Literacy Leader. I look forward to holding the Literacy position on our Intellectual Team for next year in Saigon. My teaching career first began in the states of Oklahoma (Edmond) and Washington (Seattle). I am passionate about designing learning experiences that include student voice and choice. I am always looking to grow my skills as an inquiry teacher.


Twitter: @AshleyKSawyer


About Kelley McKenna


My name is Kelley McKenna and I am currently a Middle School PE teacher and Personal Development Lead at Saigon South International School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This August, I will relocate with my soon to be husband our dog Sami to Bangkok, where I will be the Associate Athletics Director at ISB Bangkok. Prior to working in Vietnam, I spent 9 years working at the International School of Brussels in Belgium, where I was a Middle School PE teacher, Personal Learning Coordinator and Special Olympics Coordinator, as well as a coach of a variety of different sports ranging from U-14 to Varsity. I am passionate about inclusion, sports and providing students with meaningful opportunities to discover and develop their interests. 


My international journey began at the age of three when my family moved to Singapore and it was through my experiences at SAS, AISBudapest and ISB Brussels that led me to pursue a career in international education. After receiving my Bachelors of Arts in both Elementary Education and Human Development and a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology from Boston College, I have found that “home” for me is in international school communities. 


Twitter: @mckkel

LinkedIn: Kelley McKenna 


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Web: beyonddigital.org


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